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Flexport (Pvt) Ltd.
No 127,

Jambugasmulla Mawatha
Sri Lanka.

Tel  - 0094 555 555 6 Telephone:

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History and Achievements

The chairman and founder of Flexport is a 5th generation descendant of a traditional master craft family, whose great grandfather was honored by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria in 1886 by inviting him to the Buckingham Palace and commissioning him to train jewelers in Great Britain and granting job opportunities for seven generations in any British Colony.

Our Achievements

  • Designer of World's largest Test Cricket Trophy - Wisdom Cricket Monthly - UK 1982 (Qualified for Guinness Book of World Records)
  • Top Award Winner for Designs & Craft - Jaycees International 1982
  • The first Sri Lankan to enter into Who's who in  the World Catalogue, USA and UK for Arts and Crafts and Design excellence - 1986
  • Responsible for transferring technology for 148 production processes - 1987 to make the industry more flexible in Flexible Manufacturing Systems.
  • Designer of the Satellite communication Award (Arthur C. Clark Award) 1987 and commended by USA - NASA Directorate.
  • International Selection Commission - Germany declared “Coirpack global Greening” a World Green Project - ‘99
  • Pioneer in Sri Lanka in Chemical Milling, PCB, Signage’s, Flock Technology, Automated OEM 3 axis drives, Manufacture of Limited Edition Museum Pieces for export - creating 30 pioneering R&D projects.
  • Lanka Star Award winner for packaging from Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging and holder of several World-wide patents.
  • Winner of two World Star Awards for no-waste, garbage free packaging invention from the World Packaging Organization - Paris '92
  • Inventor of world's first no-waste, no-garbage packaging and the world patent holder for the invention - published by the world press and
  • CNN world news telecast of 8th November 1992 which brought 104 Franchise requests from all over the world within few hours of its telecast.
  • Designer & maker of world's most valuable Diamond trophy for world Tennis championship ‘93 valued at US $ 305,000 and won by Steffi Graff.
  • Presidential Award winner for Inventor of the Year '95
  • Winner of Swarnathilaka Award ’95 for Creativity and Innovation.
  • Winner of “International Man of the Year '95-’96” from Biographical Institute Cambridge, UK.
  • Winner of the International Inventors Award '96, in Geneva, (IFIA Gold Cup) and 2 Gold Medals for the invention, PacGro - the World's First Garbage-free packaging, from over 1000 entries from 43 nations. Styrofoam & Plastics.
  • Winner of Export Award '95 (Gold) from National Chamber of Exporters
  • Winner of Entrepreneur Award '96 (Gold)
  • NATIONAL Most Outstanding Entrepreneur ’96
  • The Platinum Award Winner in Entrepreneurship 97MOE
  • International Gold Award ’99 – India
  • Selection of PacGro as a World Green Project by International Selection Commission for the implementation of Earth Summit Agenda 21- ’99.
  • WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization declared “PacGro Invention” as product meeting  a world demand for environmental friendly packaging material in February 2000
  • 2002 Earth Summit - Attending World Summit on Sustainable development as a national delegate only one from the industrial sector appointed as a adviser to the ministry of industries.
  • 2003-Winner of “Royal Crown to Excellence” from The World Marketing Organization  Awarded in Germany
  • 2004 - Entering 2005 Guinness Book of World Records for breaking four world records for manufacturing the world’s largest cricket trophy.
  • 2005 - Appointed as a Commissioner of Inventions for the Inventors Commission by the Cabinet of Sri Lankan Govt.
  • 2007- Invented a color transferring system to any surface Metal, Wood, Granite, Glass,  on any contour with 700% cheaper than US Technology
  • 2008 - Awarded The Deshabandu title for his effort to bring recognition to the country through his inventions world wide.


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